Mobile Credit Card Readers

Mobile Credit Card Readers

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The fastest growing sector in Payment Acceptance Technology is Wireless. Today, accepting credit cards while you are on-the-go or out-of-the-office is a must for many businesses. The solutions are all PCI Compliant with End-to-End encryption making transactions safe and secure. Fortunately, Pathway Payments is on the leading edge of wireless technolog

There are 4 reliable methods of accepting payments without a landline telephone or ethernet connection:

  • All-in-One Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminals: These devices are battery or AC powered and include a printer. They have built-in wireless data transmitters. The wireless service is arranged by your credit card processor.
  • All-in-One Wireless Terminals using Cell Phones: These devices operate on a battery or with an AC wall adapter and include a a built-in thermal printer. However, the device uses the Merchant's cell phone and cellular carrier to transmit credit card data. Download a simple App into your compatible smart phone and your ready!
  • Cell Phone Attachment Swipers: These devices attach to your compatible smart phone by using either the data jack or ear phone jack on the cell phone. Customer receipts must be emailed. You simply download an App, verify you have a data plan with your carrier and you have a cost effective solution.
  • Any Laptop with Broadband Access: This full proof method requires a laptop (Mac or PC) with broadband access or a broadband attachment card available at your local cell phone carrier. WiFi service also works but has limited geography. In an area with cellular service, simply log on to Pathway Payment's Cloud Based software gateway and you are ready to sell, sell, sell!

All-in-One Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminals

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