Small Business Credit Marketing

Small Business Credit and Debit Marketing Best Practices

Keys to Success

You have the motivation, talent,and drive to succeed.  But how do you translate that into real and measurable success? Some Keys to success follow (according to Visa):

 Know and understand your customer. Get to thinking how they think. Your customers may be business owners who are overwhelmed with responsibilities they are not willing or able to let them go easily. They want to monitor and manage cashflow – Visa has an online reporting tools for spending. 

If you get to know your customer and then you’ll better know characteristics like needs, pressures, desires, drive response. For example. How price sensitive and fiscally aware are they? Do they shop around and what does your company look like in comparison to your competition. 

They are concerned about their businesses outcomes. Are there rewards or incentives you offer? Do they know you offer a quick and easy way to pay?

Market to them by being relevant and being pervasive. Take all angles and all avenues to reach them. Emphasize your unique selling point. Investigate the many digital marketing channels to augment your current strategy. 

What benefit can you offer your customer and does your customer base see that benefit?

Do they feel safe and secure using your payment option? What steps can you take to assure them? 

Be relevant by showing your product or service’s benefits – the benefits that meet fulfill their real needs. For example, the benefits of accepting Visa are speed and efficiency, customers willing to make larger purchases  on average. Transaction are funded quickly and efficiently. 


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