Headquartered in Southern California, Pathway Payments does not want to be the biggest merchant service provider in the industry, just the best!

What's important to Pathway Payments?

  • Integrity: "Always do what's right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest." - Mark Twain
  • We ask, what will we have gained if we sell every prospect we talk to, but lose our soul through deceit and dishonesty through the process? We believe we will have lost everything! – Mark 8:36
  • Simple kindness. We offer our clients, vendors, partners, and employees kind words and sincere actions.
  • Paying it forward. A pillar of our identity comes from giving back. Charitable contribution is a Pathway Payment core value.

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With competitive rates, years of experience, and superior support, Pathway Payments should be the first choice for all your payment processing needs. No matter your size or time in business, Pathway Payments has a solution for you.


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